Monday, July 19, 2010

We All Have One.

Golf is a strange game. Now for those of you who think it is a boring game, please continue reading, my post does not resemble your shaded feelings towards this glorious sport. The reason I claim golf is strange is because every time you play you learn something, whether it be about your game or about something completely different. Due to my hectic schedule at work I have nearly given up on golf ,but recently a couple buddies convinced me to play in a tournament. I obliged. Being one who likes to have company on the course I asked my friend Landon if he would be, what we call in the golf world a caddy. He agreed. We showed up barely on time. Continually he would give me advice on which clubs to hit and which to refrain from. I played great he kept my mind off of things. Most importantly we had fun.
As stated above every time you play you learn something new...

A caddy's job description goes as listed
1. Carry the clubs.
2. Make sure the clubs are clean
3. When asked what to do by the golfer, respond, otherwise keep quiet.

Landon was the one that taught me something that day involuntarily; he followed the job description fairly to moderately well. Throughout our 18 hole battle with the course, I am almost positive that we solved every problem that this world has. If I may be blunt, Landon didn't clean a single club nor ball, in fact if I remember correctly I carried my clubs. But that thing that meant the most was that he was there, he lent me an ear and overall some pretty good wisdom. This round of golf may have been another stroll on the course for my caddy but I took away alot more then a 73.
One thing, when troubled put your worries away and seek your caddy, whether that be a best friend or a parent. Also it's nice to know that when we hit the ball in the water (make a mistake in life) your caddy is right there to hand you another ball and say "Put that one behind you, let's make this one better."
I ask you my abundant followers not if you have a caddy nor how many, but whether you are a caddy yourself. Whether we realize it or not we have caddies, use them. More importantly be aware when you Mr/Mrs. Caddy are needed.

Hit the ball straight and keep it in the fairway.

As always, Rightfield Hero.

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  1. another great philisophical post. i find that when i am most in need, if i 'pay it forward' and be there for someone else, i feel better about allowing others to 'carry my clubs' and i feel better about life in general. keep up the great post my friend. :)